A downloadable old west game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Explore a short fictional story from the old west in the shoes of a Saloon Keeper, with a style inspired by Papers, Please.

Interact with the characters and items, manage the money to serve your clients and buy the drinks, and make choices that make a difference.

The game has a total of 7 endings.

(The original language of the game is Portuguese, but it has an English version, therefore, any typos or gramatical mistakes in English can be pointed out in private messages/comments to help making a better game!)



Press Enter or Mouse Right-Click to skip the dialogue animation.

Select the options with the Mouse Left-Click.

Contact the developer: imperia.studios.br@gmail.com


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SaloonKeeper_a.20.4.rar 22 MB


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Just finished a short let's play of the game. Really enjoyable. I also encountered the language switching bug. Otherwise Zero complaints. Andrei, Julia, and co, you guys should be very proud of what you've accomplished <3 


Thank you very much for your video!! Kanto Resistance is a game I helped a friend produce, it is an online multiplayer game, but I guess he didn't finished it, so it's not a full game lol. Guess it's just a demo for testing on-line multiplayer with Photon, but I'm pretty sure it's playable!


Also, in this version you would have to restart the game to play again in your language, but we added a main menu now, so you don't have to change the language if you want to do more playthroughs at once :D, sorry for that too.

Not a problem :) I'm glad you guys are still working on it. I look forward to playing future games you guys come out with :)

Hey, Imperia Studios!
Thank you for this really cool game!
I've discovered only one ending for now, but I liked it! I will certainly play more when I have free time.
There's a minor bug – some replicas (in the middle of the game, with Wyllburn) were in Portugal language, although I chose English language. Will be great if you fix it in the newer versions.
Thanks again!
Warm regards,
Mark D.

Thank you for your feedback ShiningArmour! You're absolutely right, the language of the choices was missing for this one dialogue tree in specific, I'll fix right and update the build as soon as possible!

The bug is already fixed and the build is updated! Thanks again for your feedback!